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Website creation

A good web design has to reflect the philosophy of the company. It is necessary to realize that today the website is one of the most important parts of the promotion of each company. Without your own website, you would not even be in the market.

Creating e-shops

Based on your requirements, we will design a complete layout of your site, including all the necessary aspects. We will give you a functional, responsive website with a modern design and web site training. Do not forget about eshop, landing page, microsite or functional blog.


SEO optimalizácia vašej stránky je samozrejme súčastou každého webu. Od základnej, až po pokročilu ktorá sa upravuje priebežne podla potreby.


Today, the website is alpha and omega in the presentation of your breeding. Especially for foreign breeders, they are often the only way to learn about your breeding and activities. The original tasteful look, functionality and transparency of the site tells you where to look at the hunting We offer a unique sophisticated graphic design, a cutting-edge editorial system at the same time, but simple to control and complete the establishment of both host and domain. Graphic work, business cards, flyers, car stickers and other graphic services, and more...

Graphic design

Are you looking for quality graphic designs and services? So you're in the right place. We will prepare proposals for you and we can come together for the final solution. We will prepare any graphic design for you according to your requirements and needs. Original raster or vector graphics is no problem with us.

Business Identity

We also think about building your brand, helping you to create it so it works. It's not just what the customer sees you - it's also important if he remembers you. Stay away from your competition, and it is our intention to approach each customer individually, because what is true for one is not to guarantee the second success. We look forward to your logo, slogan, various visual and promotional materials.

PR, Marketing

Are you invisible in the world online? It's time to change it. Nowadays everything is already online and your company should not be the one that will lag in this direction. The world of online marketing is not just about having a nice website. The process of acquiring customers in the digital space is much more complex and competition is of course high.


Remember, unlike other channels of communication, social networks are two-way. You do not just communicate, but you can also enjoy feedback. It is important to bring quality and nicely crafted content In online marketing, we are happy to help you with social networking, online communication, PPC advertising campaigns, and content creation. SEO optimization, blog articles, and more.

Consultancy, Advice Consultations

Do not know your problem? So do not hesitate and call us !. We can advise you professionally in all areas of our services.

Installation, Service, HW, SW

Do you need to install hardware, programs, or operating system? Will your computer be broken? Do not you know what to do? do you have a problem ?! Our service is here for you, call us! We can also help you on the dial.

Cyber Security, Audit

Security is not being underestimated today, the danger of attacking is waiting for you in every corner! spreadsheets, malware, Derivative Intel Core CPUs and others. We have a long experience in HW, SW, IT, AV protection, PC protection and Internet security, we will do a security audit and propose a solution.

Sale of custom special-made computers

We supply modern MasterPC computers, equipped with state-of-the-art technology tailored to you, tested, Unbeatable Power in a given class at a reasonable price, From office to game servers.


Graphic presentations of your future products from packaging, clothing, ads to cars

Photo Studio

Need to take a picture? not a problem.

Printing, Manufacturing

What we will suggest we will print or make you



Getting Started with a Common Meeting. A few questions for you to get an idea of what you want from us how it should look like a final product, we will agree on the time to finish. We spend a lot of time looking for the best ideas for you.



We care about the details, we constantly communicate and correct your ideas according to the requirements, it is incredible how your ideas connect with our ideas, which leads to your maximum satisfaction.



We provide all the elements of the project, verification, control, printing, production of your product, delivery to the destination. Installation, Training, Service. Your satisfaction and further cooperation is our goal.